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What Is Rideshare Advertising?

In the simplest terms, rideshare advertising involves the use of cars to advertise. Products and services can be advertised on devices installed in a rideshare car or on the body of the car. In return, rideshare advertising compensates drivers for using their car to advertise.
Rideshare advertisement is beneficial to all parties. It allows rideshare advertising agencies to reach their target audience. It feeds passengers adverts that are relevant to them and might be able to solve their problems. And lastly, it pays driver for advertising with their car. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone.


Benefits Of Rideshare Advertising

Some of the many benefits of ride-share advertisements include:
It reaches more audiences: Rideshare advertising reaches more potential customers. This is especially true when compared to adverts in magazines or newspapers. Potential customers interact more with rideshare ads compared to newspaper or TV ads.
It is more targeted: Rideshare advertising reaches more people. They do so with target adverts using geofencing. This increases the conversion rate of rideshare advertisement.
Types of Rideshare Advertisement
In-car advertisement: In-car advertisement involves the use of a DVD Player or Electronic Tablet displaying your ad. These are placed in a rideshare car to display targeted ads to passengers.
On-car advertisement: This involves placing promotional banners or stickers on a rideshare car. These banners may cover a portion or the whole body of the car.