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SML Shuttle Service

  • SML Shuttle Service provides a public shuttle service which includes Carpool 2 work/home, Airport, Bus, Hotels  Casino, Event, etc  in the Columbus metro area.  
  •  Our Service motto is On Time Service
  • Door to door services
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Experience & Professional
  • Prompt & Courteous Drivers

  • Over 40 plus years of safe driving experience. 

  • Authorized by the State of Ohio to transport children and elderly people, clean FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations & BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigations). 
  • Service Reliability
  • Accountability & Safety
  • Expertise and Stability
  • Integrity, Honesty, & Loyalty
  • Some of our drivers offer complimentary mints and candy 
  • We accept reservations up to 2 weeks in advance with a courtesy call up to 12-24 hours of the day we are to arrive to you. 


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  • For Shuttle Fare please call 614-515-3624
  • We run specials on our rates 
  • No smoking, drinking (alcoholic beverages) or cursing out driver allowed while in vehicle.
  • We accept appointments (2 weeks in advance only)
  • Please call and make appointments 2-hours in advance to secure a driver
  • Carpoolers: maximum riders is 4 people at the same time for same fare, if you are picked up from same location area and dropped at same destination area
  • if you need to cancel your ride please call us 2 hours in advance of your scheduled pickup
  • Share a ride: Maximum riders is 2 people picked up at different locations but headed in same direction to two different drop offs..rates are set per person 
  •  Wait Time:  2 mins for free after your scheduled pickup time to arrive at our car, then there is a .15 per minute charge for each additional minute that your driver waits for you. 
  • SML TRANSPORTATION DOES NOT DO  DRUG HOUSES OR CRIME STOPS. (if a driver suspects this from a passenger the driver has the right to ask you to leave there car) 
  • Please give dispatcher all information at time of call
  • (ex: give name, pickup address, # of people traveling)
  • Our drivers are Professional & Insured
  • No children under 15 will be transported unless they are given a permission slip by an adult or they are traveling with an adult.