Online Grocery & Fast Food Delivery Services 

How this works: 

You order your groceries online and pay for them. 

Then you call SML Delivery Service at 6148877049

Tell us what name you have your groceries under & what store w/address u need us to pick up from

Give us your order number & the name your order is under

Give us the time you have selected for groceries to be picked up at the store 

When we arrive at the location and receive your groceries we will send u a text message informing you that we have received items and we are enroute to delivery your groceries to your destination.

You pay the driver with cash upon receipt of your groceries.

If you choose to pay by credit card please set this up at the time when you call for a delivery driver.

We will only deliver to your front door, we will not come into your house as our Insurance doesn't permit us too. Please keep in mind this protects both you and the driver.

If you live in an apartment complex and live above the 1st floor there will be an additional charge to bring your groceries to your door.

Reserved 4 U

Here is how it works for Fast Food Delivery....

**Contact any Fast Food restaurant and place your carry out order to go or go online and order and pay for your food

**Text or call us on 614-887-7049 with the name of the restaurant you placed your order.

**We will pick it up immediately and deliver it you right away within  30 to 55 minutes from the time you placed your order.

*Delivery fee;$5- $10.

Tipping: Our drivers work for the tips, much like wait staff at a restaurant; Please consider your driver's efforts.

We accept cash and credit cards only no checks please

 Open Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 9 pm,   Thank you.